Ottawa Chapeaux de Madeleine

The Experience
Perhaps you've never had the experience of working with a milliner?

The first thing, then, that Chapeaux de Madeleine wants you to know is that it's about fun!

A good milliner is a good listener; she needs to learn about the event, the locale, colour preferences, and perhaps most importantly, the impression you want to make. Then a selection
of high-quality materials are hand-picked and the milliner begins her careful craft. This consultative approach lets you and the milliner create a unique piece of art that expresses your particular sense of style.

Prices range from $65-$450, and include up to three consultations and fittings with the milliner.

Meet Madeleine
Fascinated as a child with her Aunt's hat shop, Madeleine France Cormier became a milliner after first studying haute couture in Montreal and Ottawa, Canada.

Madeleine's hats have received high praise in fashion circles across North America, and captured the eyes of international critics at L'Oreal Fashion Week, MAC cosmetics and internationally renonwned Vera Wang fashion.

As an Ottawa Citizen writer commented, "She knows how to
make a hat flatter a face – any face."

Madeleine invites you to come and meet her at her boutique.
And bring a friend along – it's all about fun!

Ottawa Madeleine milliner